Festoon Lighting in Trees


A selection of real displays in situ.

Festoon Lighting in Trees
Festoon Lighting in Trees

Our heavy duty festoon lighting is designed and made in the UK and tested to BSEN60598-2-20 and rated at IP55.

  • Very flexible cable for ease of installation.
  • Cable options include rubber or PVC for black or white, PVC only for green.
  • We can make any length and spacing.
  • We can supply any of 240V, 110V or 24V options.
  • Choose from any lamps below.

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Festoon Lighting in Trees
Festoon Lighting in Trees 4

Examples of Our Golf Ball Lamps

Showing both styles and range of colours from ice white to the warm white shades

Golf Ball Lamps

Festoon with B22 Adaptors & Indoor Lampholder

Festoon lighting can be made to special lengths, rated at IP55 and use BC lampholders.
B22 adaptor with lead can be made of any length you require and fitted with a BC or ES lampholder.
Indoor lampholder is available in white or black and is suitable for all indoor events.
Please contact the office with details to allow us to design & make your festoon lighting system.

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